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Note: This site is not about the ego-shooter called "Cryostasis - Sleep of Reason". (2008)
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 news from Cryostasis: 

  august 2014   compilation news
  - Cryostasis has been released on several compilations in the last weeks:
  - part of the "100 trance workout music" compilation
  - part of the "top trance summerbox" compilation
  - part of the "trance top 239" compilation
  - and "105 workout - the best for workout fitness gym running jogging"

cover of the trance workout compilation cover of the top trance compilation cover of the trance top compilation cover of the workout compilation

  - but the best news is, that Keejay Records will release an own compilation soon
  - "Uplifting Trance and Melodic Energy Trance Anthems"
  - Cryostasis will be take part with 4 energizing tracks
  - this will be really a high quality compilation

  april 2014   trance release news
  - my new single "no reason to sleep" is out now
  - first work started in 2009 and finished this year
  - available at all big portals like amazon, itunes, beatport, djtunes

  - Cryostasis created 4 different mixes (check the youtube-links)
  - Cryostasis - no reason to sleep (uplifting hardtrance mix)
  - Cryostasis - no reason to sleep (classic trance mix)
  - Cryostasis - no reason to sleep (melodic hardstyle mix)
  - Cryostasis - no reason to sleep (extended hardtrance mix)

  - got a special long trance remix by Gowood - great thanks
  - also on youtube: Cryostasis - no reason to sleep (Gowood remix)
  - it's also available at all streaming portals like spotify

  december 2013   techno release news
  - my best track on "ducks are raptors" got remastered
  - got released on all major portals and streaming communities
  - there is also a "new alternative mix" out now
  - as a little present for x-mas is the remastered version free on myvideo

  august 2013   streaming news
  - inspired by this interesting blog about income by spotify
  - and this article about royalties from streaming
  - now my Feiyr-"averages" income by music-streaming

  streaming-provider  Euro per stream
  Spotify 0,0023 Euro
  X-Box Music (Win8) 0,0126 Euro
  Aspiro (Wimp) 0,0239 Euro
  Cricket Muve 0,0038 Euro
  Deezer 0,0057 Euro
  Simfy 0,0050 Euro (till 2012) 0,0004 Euro

  june 2013   streaming news
  - hear Cryostasis now at Spotify
  - listen to incoming storm (hypnotic trance)
  - and also to enter the stasis (melodic nrg trance)
  - and of course as playlist

  december 2012   a little thank you
  - my 1st maxi was played over 1500 times at
  - there are nearly 10.000 requests at every month
  - part of a 2nd online-compilation: techno and trance - only the hardest
  - as a little thank you: the long video from "enter the stasis"

  october 2012   trance release news
  - Cryostasis released the first digital maxi including 2 tracks
  - on youtube: Cryostasis - enter the stasis (melodic nrg trance)
  - on youtube: Cryostasis - incoming storm (hypnotic trance)
  - it got released by the record label "Keejay Records"
  - available at all big portals like amazon, itunes, beatport, djtunes
  - alternative cover (night-version) can be downloaded here
  - part of new compilation: Uplifting Trance & Vocal Trance - All In One

  august 2012   important announcement from Cryostasis
  - on October 2nd will begin a new chapter for Cryostasis
  - my trance-music will be an even larger audience available
  - this is possible through the record label "Keejay Records"
  - stay tuned and look forward to new trance music by Cryostasis

  december 2011   trance and website news
  - the website got a technical update (no more frames)
  - Cryostasis is working on a new track for quite some time
  - the track will be titled "incoming storm"
  - melodic uplifting trance (137 bpm) with hardtrance-elements

  august 2010   hardtrance news
  - new track: "Cryostasis - enter the stasis" (melodic NRG trance)
  - melodic energy hardtrance with 148 bpm
  - with piano and acid trance elements
  - got an external mastering (Silver Sound Studio)
  - can currently be found only here:

  january 2009   trance and website news
  - new track released: "Cryostasis - shadowhunter (mystery trance mix)"
  - the track has elements of dark trance and uplifting trance
  - all download-links got fixed

  april 2007   relaunch of this website
  - today the website of Cryostasis got online again
  - the design got pimped
  - the content got updated and extended

  may 2006   techno and download news
  - new track: "Cryostasis - ducks are raptors" (natural selection mix)
  - the track is a mix of techno und schranz
  - the mix is well done for club-djs

  september 2004   hardtrance and website news
  - a new preview track called "operation flashpoint" online
  - got some interesting guestbook-entries in last time :-)
  - took my old remixes offline

  january 2004   trance and website news
  - new track: "Cryostasis - skydiver's world" (short 2004 refresh mix)
  - my first published track in 2000 got now remastered and republished
  - updated some links of my link section
  - updated some of my preview tracks

  july 2003   trance and download news
  - uploaded my remix "Siren's last goodbye" at
  - published as 'club trance remix'
  - this is my try for the offical remix-competion
  - styl: melodic trance with a cool intro and a nice acid-line inside
  - new preview track called "ducks are raptors" in my track-section

  april 2003   trance and download news
  - my new track "Cryostasis - the realm" is out now!!!
  - published as 'NRG trance rework' mix
  - styl: melodic trance with a nice acid-line and much energy inside

  23.02.2002   website news
  - my logs say that this website was online for the first time at this day
  - but Cryostasis already exists since 2001